Medical School Renews Contract with Tech Co.

This move further validates the firm’s Medical Education Suite. Discover why one analyst rates this healthcare-disrupting company as a Strong Buy.

A leading U.S. medical school renewed its contract to use Treatment.com AI Inc.’s (TRUE:CSE; TREIF:OTCMKTS;939:FRA) Medical Education Suite (MES), the company announced in a news release. MES provides case-based clinical decision-making, testing, grading, and remedial action support to empower the healthcare professionals of tomorrow.

“It underpins our focus on the next generation of clinicians, as well as streamlining the operational costs and time currently experienced by medical schools when running the premier exams (Objective Structure Clinical Exams, or OSCEs) designed to test student practical clinical decision-making and reasoning,” Chief Executive Officer Dr. Essam Hamza said in the release. Globally, 57 countries use OSCEs.

MES also aims to minimize the administrative work in grading and create a consistent, real-time approach for case testing and scoring.

“To underscore the accuracy of its platform, the company recently announced that a non-medical undergraduate using its artificial intelligence (AI) software passed a medical clinical exam, exceeding a 92% success rate,” wrote Technical Analyst Clive Maund in an April 22 report.

Treatment.com AI is in discussions about MES with a number of other medical and nursing schools in the U.S. and internationally, the company noted. The potential to expand this line of business is sizable, given the States is home to 300 medical schools, 900 nursing schools, 227,000 students, and 145,000 residents/medical students.

Products Positively Disrupt Healthcare

With a mission to “dramatically disrupt how healthcare is delivered worldwide,” Treatment.com AI develops and provides medical software solutions for students, educators, and clinicians. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based firm continues to expand its pipeline of offerings.

The company “should have a very bright future,” wrote Technical Analyst Clive Maund in a February 16 report.

Treatment.com AI’s array of products is powered by its proprietary, AI-backed Global Library of Medicine (GLM), created with hundreds of credentialed clinicians worldwide, to ensure the highest qualified clinical information and support are delivered. According to the company, the GLM is “the most comprehensive and integrated online medical library.”

Technical Analyst Clive Maund recommended Treatment.com AI as a Strong Buy for all time frames and indicated he planned to stay long in it.

Beyond medical education and working with partners, the company sees its GLM being utilized by an array of enterprises, including Electronic Medical Records, Healthbots/Symptom Checkers, Virtual Health providers, Medical Call Centers, National Triage Services, or Health Information Lines/websites.

Organizations may integrate with the GLM through an application programming interface (API), thereby allowing them to improve both clinical accuracy and efficiency of their clinical information support and enhancing processes, from back-office tasks to patient intake and care. For healthcare professionals, these include writing medical notes, providing guidance on differential diagnoses with probabilities, suggesting recommended and most important treatments and testing, and determining accurate billing codes.

Sizzling Sector

The healthcare market is rapidly growing around the world, and the use of AI in the space is increasing. As such, AI and healthcare combined are hot sectors, as data from Statista and Market and Markets show.

The global AI healthcare market nearly doubled in value between 2021 and today, going from US$11 billion (US$11B) to US$20.9B. Between now and 2029, the market is expected to increase more than sevenfold, reaching US$148.4B.

This value jump over the next four years represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 48.1%. CAGRs above 20% in the tech space are considered “excellent,” according to Wealthy Education.

“The growth potential of this industry is enormous,” Maund wrote. “With Treatment.com AI having already developed its own platform, it is centrally placed to be a part of this.”

According to Market and Markets, numerous factors are driving this market expansion. They include “the generation of large and complex healthcare data sets, the pressing need to reduce healthcare costs, improving computing power and declining hardware costs, the rising number of partnerships and collaborations among different domains in the healthcare sector, and the growing need for improvised healthcare services due to imbalance between healthcare workforce and patients.”

Catalysts: Additional Product Launches

In H2/24, Treatment.com AI intends to make available two new, monthly, subscription-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for students, residents, and other healthcare professionals: AI Patient and AI Doctor in a Pocket.

Unveiled last month, these SaaS products are designed to enhance the training and clinical decision-making capabilities of the users. For the company, these new offerings could increase its revenue and expand its market penetration.

Analyst: Rated Strong Buy

In an April 22 report, Maund asserted that a new technical analysis of Treatment.com AI’s stock reveals it to be in a “new bull market” that appears “set not just to continue but to accelerate with the real possibility of spectacular gains ahead.” The trading pattern suggests the stock now is completing a small bull flag/pennant shape, an indicator of an impending upleg.

Thus, Maund recommended Treatment.com AI as a Strong Buy for all time frames and indicated he planned to stay long in it.


Ownership and Share Structure

According to Reuters, two insiders own 13.12%, or 4.87 million (4.87M) shares, of Treatment.com AI. They are Chief Medical Officer, Chairman, and Director Dr. Kevin Peterson with 10.35% or 3.84M shares.

Retail investors own the remaining 86.88%. There are no institutional investors currently. 

The company has 39,243,518  million outstanding shares and 25,940,377 free-float traded shares. 

Its market cap is CA$24,330,981, and its 52-week trading range is CA$0.10 to CA$1.20 per share. 



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