Treatment Launches Landmark Doctor Built Digital Health App

Vancouver, B.C. January 24th, 2022 – Treatment.com International Inc. (“Treatment” or the “Company”) (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF; FFA 939) is a global healthcare technology company that has developed a next-generation AI platform to help patients and caregivers around the world make better health decisions.

Today, Treatment announces the global launch of its much-anticipated Treatment Digital Health App, now available in the Apple App Store. The Treatment Digital Health App is a revolutionary symptom assessment tool, built and continually updated by a global team of doctors and engineers to provide users with highly predictive and accurate insights about their health. Powered by Treatment’s proprietary medical AI engine and their groundbreaking Global Library of Medicine (GLM), the Treatment Digital Health App provides the most advanced access to medical knowledge ever available for widespread use.

The Treatment Digital Health App’s health assessments go beyond what users might find through a typical online search, as the results are generated using up-to-date estimates of disease rates, current estimates of geographic variation, and the latest medical research. Doctors around the world currently trust Treatment’s AI software to provide information for their clinical assessments, and the same technology is used by leading medical schools to test students’ clinical skills.  Now, Treatment Digital Health App users have access to the same groundbreaking technology.

“I am very proud of our committed global team of outstanding medical doctors and top-tier technical experts who have worked so hard to make possible Treatment’s landmark launch of this unique and powerful software. With severe global disruptions in healthcare caused by the current pandemic, people need simple-to-use, geographically relevant, and continually updated health information they can trust, and the Treatment Digital Health App provides that,” says John Fraser, CEO of Treatment.

At the heart of the Treatment Digital Health App sits Treatment’s innovative Global Library of Medicine (GLM) and their powerful AI engine — together, these form an advanced, scalable medical intelligence platform providing global diagnoses and treatment protocols that can be tailored to accommodate local needs. “The probability-based symptom evaluation provided by the Treatment platform supports multiple products that can promote prevention, ensure quality, improve safety, reduce unnecessary costs, and improve decisions, all of which leads to better overall healthcare outcomes,” says Kevin Peterson, Chief Medical Officer of Treatment.

“Treatment truly captures the Zeitgeist in the COVID era of healthcare, which necessitates accuracy in healthcare decision making. The incredible feedback from beta users of our digital health app shows that they saw the unique difference with our comprehensive symptom assessment process, which is more like seeing a doctor than using other symptoms checkers. Our comprehensive health assessment has raised the bar for all other vendors in the marketplace. The launch of our mobile app for consumers is an important step toward better individual health and an important company milestone, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Treatment’s product release plan for 2022,” stated Dr. Paul A. Markham, Chief Strategy Officer of Treatment.

The Treatment Digital Health app is available worldwide on the Apple App Store and soon to be available in the Google Play Store.