Treatment to Expand Global Library of Medicine with Dermatologic Diseases

Treatment.com International Inc. (“Treatment” or the “Company”) (CSE: TRUE), (OTC: TREIF), a healthcare AI technology company, has entered into a research project agreement with the University of Minnesota to add more than 220 dermatologic diseases to their proprietary, responsive AI engine known as the Global Library of Medicine (GLM). The addition of these diagnoses will bring another level of accuracy and specificity to the GLM, enhancing soon-to-be-released products such as the Treatment Mobile app, which is set for release this month.

Kevin A. Peterson, MD, MPH, FRCS(Ed), FAAFP and Chief Medical Officer of Treatment, says, “Engaging in research with the University of Minnesota Dermatology department brings extensive academic medical expertise that enhances our ability to provide richly detailed descriptions of dermatologic concerns. The rich experience of the University of Minnesota Medical School will help the GLM provide more accurate descriptions of complex presentations of skin diseases. Combining our advanced AI infrastructure with the rich clinical and research expertise of the Medical School will substantially enhance our AI platform’s ability to provide better access to high quality information and directly supports the mission of the GLM to enhance health outcomes for individuals around the world.”

John Fraser, Treatment’s CEO, says, “We are proud that the University of Minnesota is participating with us on this latest research project, which is in addition to other mutually beneficial agreements we’ve entered into with the University. The Global Library of Medicine is one way we are realizing Treatment’s plan to provide the most accurate and reliable data about health concerns, made available to clinicians, organizations, and patients alike.”

The Global Library of Medicine is the foundation of Treatment’s Clinical solutions, which offer unique ways to bring healthcare into the digital age by providing better access to up-to-the-minute healthcare information and promoting better health outcomes around the world. Treatment Mobile and the intelligent digital assistant will be released in select North American clinics in 2022.